Is Retargeting Right for Your Business?

This year, retargeting is becoming one of the most sought after marketing tactics. Although it’s not a new concept, businesses are now applying it to their different marketing campaigns with much success. Let’s take a look at how retargeting can benefit your business:

Search Retargeting: In the simplest form, this is a way of rounding up potential customers. This tactic allows a business to find people who have searched for a term related to their business BUT haven’t visited their site yet. For example, a search of “red spike heels” might pull up ads from Zappos or Urban Outfitters at the top of your search results.

This can also go hand-in-hand with site retargeting, where visitors who have been on your site will see recurring ads for your business on other websites that they go. For example, if I visited a flower delivery site, I might see their ad when I’m reading through the Los Angeles Times online.

Social Media: This summer, Facebook introduced Facebook Exchange, which retargets ads based on users’ cookies. As TechCrunch recently reported, the initial run of retargeted ads on Facebook have proven to be successful. Findings show that these ads have an increased conversion rate and lower overall ad cost. What business owner wouldn’t like that?

Paid Search: Tracking ads has become more sophisticated so that you can track different ads at once and see which ones users are bouncing away from. In addition, you can have many options even when you send users to the same place. For example, all users may land on the same landing page, but depending on the section that they’re active on (services, products etc.), they’ll be retargeted with ads relevant to their search intent. For PPC, you can test the language to narrow down user-intent and effectively tailor your campaign to that need, whether it’s a need for more information or to convert sales.

The Bottom Line
Retargeting is a great way to raise brand awareness and remind potential customers about your business. Keeping interested is great but at the same time, it’s important to remember that people are very concerned with their privacy. Let’s say that you’re searching for a divorce lawyer on the family computer. No one would want their children or spouse to see retargeted ads as they browse the internet. On top of that, retargeted ads can be just plain annoying if you accidentally landed on a site that you don’t like or never intend to purchase from. Retargeting can be great for your business and owners have a lot of options to see what works best.

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