When Remarketing Isn’t Right for Your Business


Remarketing is a useful and effective marketing approach for some industries. Part of analyzing your marketing success means recognizing what works and what doesn’t. It’s OK if remarketing doesn’t work for your business and here’s why:


Type of Business

Some business owners are quick to jump on the latest trends without fully understanding what it is and why it works. First off, your industry may be the best indicator to determine if remarketing is a viable option. Let’s just say a criminal or divorce attorney might not want their ads following people around… especially on a work, shared or family computer.

Most people don’t mind ads for things they’re interested in and have previously searched for. But there are some certain industries where ads are lingering reminders don’t make your business look good or trustworthy.


Remarketing is typically cost effective and easy to implement. But if you’re not keeping track of conversion, effectiveness or ROI, it doesn’t help to run these campaigns. In fact, it’s just an unnecessary cost. Some business owners many complain that they don’t see a noticeable difference with remarketing. This should give you the opportunity to re-optimize your ads or reevaluate the need for running them in the first place.

Better Results with Paid Ads or Email

New advertising options are different but it doesn’t always mean that it will be better. Depending on your business and industry, you might see better results with more traditional online ads like PPC and email campaigns. In many ways, remarketing is like an email campaign. But email is targeted specifically towards one user and more direct and private.

No Time for In-Depth Analysis

This goes along with the ROI concern mentioned above. Remarketing is often set on autopilot but that doesn’t mean you can just forget about it. There’s nothing creepier and annoying than being followed by the same ad anywhere you go. There are also seemingly little things to consider.

As a business, it’s important to diversify the ads that are remarketed. If you don’t have time to analyze your campaigns or even test and use different ads, it could defeat the purpose of using remarketing. Users don’t like to be bombarded with the same ad, so the least you could do is rotate a handful of different ones. This should also help with testing which ones work best.

Find Out If Remarketing Is Right For Your Business

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