What Can Rebranding Do for Your Business?

comedy central logo

Comedy Central recently gave their logo a much needed update. Along with the channel’s first ever Comedy Awards show, they are also premiering a slew of new shows, including Workaholics and Sports Show with Norm Macdonald. What better way to bring in all these new changes than giving an old logo a complete makeover?

A logo might not be worth a thousand words but there is a lot to it. And to me, the old Comedy Central logo is reminiscent of old-late night stand up comics. Not that that’s a bad thing, but since the channel just turned 20, it was definitely time for change. The new logo gives Comedy Central a fresh, clean feel.

If your online image is feeling stale, rebranding your logo and improving your site’s web design could help give your company a much needed boost. This will help you move into a new era and you can use it to create excitement. Whether it’s regular old email blasts to social marketing campaigns, you really turn your rebranded logo into an event.

You can solicit feedback and ask customers what their opinion is. You can also use this opportunity to strengthen your brand message and really show customers that they care. Rebranding almost always means a fresh start. What does it mean to you and what are your experiences, good and bad?

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