5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Copywriters

Cheap isn’t always better and when it comes to content, it’s always best to choose quality over quantity. There are so many choices out there (Fiverr, Elance and other content mills) that it’s hard not to be tempted. Stick to your long term goals and read more about why you should avoid using cheap, low-quality writers.


1) Create Unique and Evergreen Content – Having unique website content is important. Additionally, you’ll want to aim for creating “evergreen” content that keeps bringing visitors back. If this isn’t your goal, the work you put into it might not even be worth the effort. Cheap content isn’t synonymous with quality – ever!

2) Quality Over Quantity of Content and Words – Adding pages to your website on a consistent basis is great. But it won’t help and can actually hurt your website if the pages are of low quality or duplicate from somewhere else. If something seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is.

3) Your Reputation and Brand May Suffer – Hiring a freelance writer can be problematic if the writer can’t properly convey your brand’s message. When hiring a cheap writer, keep in mind that they may take shortcuts to crank out the content. This means plagiarizing, using incorrect grammar and spelling or using facts that aren’t correct. By saving some money on a cheap writer, your brand may suffer consequences in the long run. It’s just not worth the risk.

4) Cheap Is Time Consuming – Cheap content is just that – cheap. It can actually be more time consuming and not cost effective if you have to go over the content to make sure that it is fit to be put up on your website. It may also mean going back to rework sections, or the whole page, and correcting other mistakes that a qualified writer shouldn’t be making. This may involve more time and effort than it would actually take if an experienced writer wrote a decent page or if you wrote the content yourself. Think of your website as your house. You want to put quality work into it and not fill it up with cheap, quick fixes because you’ll have to pay a price for it down the road.

5) You Want Content That Converts – Content that’s written by a cheap, inexperienced writer probably won’t convert. That’s because they don’t have a call to action or conversion in mind. In their head, they may just be trying to hit a keyword minimum so that they can wrap things up quickly. Content is king and conversion is the key. You can’t expect to pay a minimal fare for that.

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