Would You Read Your Blog Posts?

Although blogs are seen as more time sensitive with less staying power than “regular” content, it’s useful to check off a few important things before you actually hit “Publish”. When you keep these things in mind, it will help grow your blog as well as help you become a better blogger. Think of it and ask yourself, would you read your own blog posts and find them interesting?


Don’t overwhelm yourself and stay on topic. Here are some things to ask and remind yourself of:

Is this blog post reputable? Blog posts should not be blatantly spammy and full of links to your site, that’s so 2000. Don’t forget about how Google views advertorials – not in a good thing! And lastly, if you post any product/service reviews, make sure to have a full disclosure and to be transparent about whether you’re receiving any form of compensation.

Is this post social media friendly? – It helps to add relevant social media share buttons to your blog but that’s not enough to be social nowadays. Think about how you can share an accompanying picture on Pinterest, make a short on Vine or if the post topic would make an interesting status conversation.

Do you find the topic interesting? – Blogging about something you would actually read is an important part of creating unique content with your authentic point of view. This is becoming increasingly important as Google Authorship is greatly influencing clicks in search results. Remember, being real is important to readers as they want tips and thoughts on someone who is credible in the field.

Is the blog post long enough? – You don’t have to be so nitpicky as to count every single word but the optimal blog post length is around 250 – 500 words. It can also be just short of 1000 words, depending who you ask. Long form blog posts can also rank well, as do short posts that are straight to the point. The point of thinking about blog length is that it’s ok to vary the length and mix things up so readers have something different to look forward to!

How can I make it better? – Waiting to post a masterpiece of a blog can pretty much be impossible if you can’t get over yourself. There are also different SEO tips and optimization best practices that can also help your content be more search engine friendly. The main point of blogging is to do it well (well, well enough) and consistently so that your site gets crawled regularly. There is always room for improvement so don’t forget to read and write any chance you get!

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