Prioritizing SEO Content for Better Results

SEO Content Search Engine Optimization ConceptWhile most SEO efforts now focus on producing high-quality content and then amplifying that content through social media, companies should also consider ways to prioritize their SEO content in order to get the best results. SEO needs to be both relevant and useful, which can help give you some guidelines in terms of how to prioritize. Content should usually be prioritized based on intent, striking distance, search volume and conversion metrics so that you know it is going to be effective content that will engage customers. Before you start prioritizing you should first consider and define your goals so you can create a plan for your SEO content. If one of your goals is increasing traffic you need to look at your website analytics and ranking tools to get an idea of what opportunities you have to drive traffic with your existing assets. You can look at “striking distance” keywords which rank of page two of major search engines. Moving these keywords to page one can help boost both traffic and revenue especially if they have a lot of volume and transactional intent.

Finding and Filling in Gaps

Once you define your goals and find striking distance keywords you can then look at your existing content. Reviewing your content and performing a gap analysis can help you determine if there are any gaps you need to fill in so that your content is effective at every stage of the buyer’s journey. While you need to appear in search results for high-converting keywords it is also valuable to be visible in SERPs throughout the research phase for buyers so that your brand is present and on their mind. You can also look at your competitors and see where they have no presence so you can fill in gaps there by building content in those areas. It can also be helpful to communicate with other departments so that you know of any important content initiatives that need to be optimized or prioritized by intent and search volume.

Promoting Content through Social

Once you have prioritized and created your content you need to focus on promoting it through social media. High-quality and engaging content should be shared on social media platforms which will attract more social endorsements and links and ultimately improve your visibility in search engine results pages. You can also promote priority content through paid social which can help improve your results and can be relatively inexpensive. All your efforts to promote can help make your most important content more visible and drive more traffic to your site. Although the first step in an effective SEO campaign is creating great content, prioritizing and then amplifying your content is what will really create the results that you want.