Are Pre-Roll Ads Right for Your Business?

What is a Pre-Roll Ad?

A pre-roll ad (or in-stream video ad) is a promotional video advertisement that plays before a video selected by the user. Like the name suggests, there are also mid-roll and post-roll ads, which aren’t as widely used. You might be familiar with pre-roll ads from YouTube. They’re the short ads that can be skipped after about 5 seconds. The pre-roll ads themselves are typically 10 to 30 seconds long.


What’s the Purpose of a Pre-Roll Ad?

Pre-roll ads are primarily used for branding purposes. In some instances, their objective is to also drive website traffic. Pre-roll ads so short because studies suggest that shorter, more targeted ads are more effective than a long-form, regular video ads. Some studies also found that users are less likely to skip pre-roll ads before viewing their intended video because of their brief nature.

Are Pre-Roll Ads Effective?

The use of pre-roll ads are increasing and becoming more common. Pre-roll ads are an affordable to expose your business to a wide, targeted demographic. They’re a cheaper and more modern alternative to other forms of ads, such as TV and radio ads. Depending on your budget and target audience, you could be paying a few pennies for each view of your ad. Pre-roll ads are an easy way for a business to utilize video marketing and its a win-win for consumers too, as it’s not as annoying or intrusive as other forms of advertisements. Not convinced? Check out this study that shows that pre-roll video ads are 2X as effective as banner ads.

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