PPC Ads Get Social

social ppcCan pay per click ads be social? With the help of Google +1 and Display Network ads, search is becoming (more) social. You can specifically choose which ads you want shown along with the +1 buttons. This means that you can connect Google+ business pages to AdWords and reports on the information will be shared.

Why does this matter?

+1s or the amount of +1s on a paid ad will have a powerful impact on your campaign, as it has the ability to affect click through rate, which plays a part on your overall Quality Score. The idea is that the more people who like your ad, your ad will seem more trustworthy and relevant when compared with an ad with few or no likes.

Some people feel that this is making things more complicated for businesses. Whether you like the idea or not, it only seems inevitable that Google would add a social aspect to paid ads. This will fit their goal of catering to the user experience, as well as making sure that PPC companies work hard to stay relevant to their target demographics.

This integration began a few months ago but expect this trend to be a big part of how effective PPC campaigns work and how Google will show businesses this information. This will be helpful for businesses as they will have a better picture of exactly how much social efforts impact their overall sales and goals.

What do you think of social factors for PPC campaigns and how does it feel to be part of a social generation of online marketing? Let us know what you think!

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