The Power of Conversational Blogging

Using conversation in blogs is helpful in many different ways. From first grabbing a reader’s attention, to encouraging them to finish reading and share, conversation is key to good content. Here are a few more reasons you should use the “conversation” style in some of your blog posts:


Easy to read

Short posts, personal stories and recaps of any kind can all benefit from being written in a conversational style. The simplicity of writing as if you were speaking draws more attention to your message and purpose. People enjoy reading blog posts that are easy to digest and finish. Some people don’t even bother to read the story if they’re drawn in by a catchy headline! Conversational writing helps get people interested. When you’re conversing with someone, you want to keep them there until the thought is finished.

Appeal to more readers

Posts that are written in a conversational manner appeal to a broader audience because they are easier to understand. The topic doesn’t really matter, since you can pretty much put any topic into layman’s terms that almost everyone can understand. The appeal of a conversational piece of content is that it includes everyone and makes them feel important, instead of confused or left out because they don’t understand the concepts or language.

SEO and Google Hummingbird friendly

Long tail search and Google Hummingbird was created with conversational queries in mind. Instead of appealing to awkward keyword terms, Google prefers it when sites optimize for natural keywords. This means queries that would be asked as if you were talking to another person. So the “old” way to optimize would be targeting “Los Angeles cronut bakery”. Now, you would write and optimize for “what bakeries in Los Angeles sell cronuts?”.

Engage and continue the conversation on social media

After reading a good conversational piece, readers will want to do just that – take the conversation elsewhere. Conversational blogs leave space for answers, opinions and everything in between. This gives readers a chance to express themselves and post their own response to your conversational piece. These types of blogs will generate Likes, Comments and even Likes on Comments on Facebook! All these social signals add up quickly and the numbers will be associated with the popularity and relevance of your website/blog.

Easier to write

If all else fails, writing in the conversational tone is just plain easier! Thoughts and ideas come out easier and they words are conveyed just how you mean for them to come out. There’s no need for complex analogies or a fancy thesaurus. Easy blogs mean that you’ll enjoy writing more. Writing more encourages you to be more active and share on social and get new ideas to help improve your website. It all comes full circle and goes back to what matters most – your website.

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