Pop Culture and Social Media Halloween Costume Ideas for 2014

Halloween is just half a month away but we just can’t wait. Here are some costume ideas that are sure to be a hit this Halloween!

lost-uber-driverLost Uber Driver (Need I say more?)

evil-hummingbirdEvil Hummingbird (Don’t forget to check out our post on Google Hummingbird)

google-maps-costumeGoogle Maps (Of course, there has to be at least one cutesy couple’s costume on the list!)

spider-dogSpider Dog (How can something be so terrifyingly cute?)

lego-movieEmmet from the Lego Movie (Because everything is awesome!)

ice-bucket-challenge-costumeIce Bucket Challenge Costume (Really!?!)

sexy-avengersThe Avengers (Who says “sexy” is just for the ladies?)

aliens-manGiorgio A. Tsoukalos (Because… Aliens, man!)

bent-iphoneBent iPhone 6 (aka Bendgate)

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