3 Essential Elements of the Perfect Blog Post

The fine art of blogging incorporates creativity, organization, discipline and actual writing. Sometimes, writer’s block can take a hold but remind yourself of one thing: you can pull through it!



Interesting blog headlines are compelling, magnetic, intriguing and meaningful. Check out 6 Lessons for Writing Irresistibly Magnetic Blog Post Headlines for tips on how to craft an engaging headline. Along with an eye catching title, a headline has to deliver what you promise. There’s nothing more underwhelming and disappointing than a blog article that fails to deliver.


Content is king. But is what you have to say meaningful? Content should answer a question and you can elaborate with proof, reasoning or anecdotes. It can also open up to related topics or pose more questions, which you can answer in a series of blog posts.

Content in a blog post matters because of the timeliness of the topic that you’re writing about. What you wrote 2 years ago can be different than what is relevant today. Which brings about another point… as you should often rewrite and rework website content, don’t be afraid to add to and update blog content. If you have a certain blog post that has achieved a healthy PageRank, many comments or views, you can certainly go back and improve it. This is a great opportunity to turn your blog posts into “evergreen” content.

Call to Action

The end to your beginning. The cherry on the sundae. A call to action persuades the reader to do something, anything! Signup for your newsletter, Like the blog post, call a phone number, fill out a form, download a white paper, RT, and more. A blog post doesn’t mean much if you don’t ask something of your readers. This doesn’t mean asking them to make a purchase in every post, but rather, give them something to think about and take away. An interesting blog post will leave a good impression and encourage readers to come back for more.

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