Giving Yourself an Email Marketing Audit

Giving Yourself an Email Marketing Audit

Many businesses will periodically perform an email marketing audit to make sure that their emails are working the best they can. You may not even be aware when technical problems occur or if a certain format is not performing as well as you expecting. An email marketing audit can help you identify specific issues so that you can make the necessary adjustments in order to perfect your emails.

There are certain areas of email marketing that may be useful to look at during an audit. You can consider whether or not you have effective subject lines for your emails based on how many of your emails remain unread. If you have a low open rate then that could be a an issue to address by making more enticing subject lines that appeal to readers.

Another thing to look at during an email audit is how your sender name appears to readers. Does it look trustworthy or does it seem like spam? You should look at how the sender name is displayed and how the name impacts whether the emails are opened or not.

Other important aspects of an email marketing audit include personalizing more emails based by including the recipient’s name or sending specific emails based on their purchase history. You also need to make sure that the body of the email has effective copy that is increasing click rates, leads and sales. Content should be concise and compelling, urging the reader to take action.

One of the key elements of email marketing is having an effective call to action somewhere within the email. Your call to actions need to be clear and unique so that customers will read them and potentially click through. The goal of an email audit is to find ways to make adjustments that will get more customers to open and read emails and hopefully click through to your website to make a purchase.

10 Reasons You Should Be Using Online Marketing To Grow Your Business

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the landscape is rapidly changing in exciting ways. Many traditional ways of adver10 Reasons You Should Be Using Online Marketing To Grow Your Businesstising are quickly being supplanted by internet and social media based forms of marketing. Here are some of the ways creating a strong online presence can be some of the strongest ways to market your business in today’s world.

1. A Level Playing Field
Traditional marketing often related on mediums such as billboards and television ads, that were controlled by outside forces. They are very expensive, requiring a huge investment that smaller and starter companies often could rarely afford. By contrast, a website, that you can set up and control yourself, is much more inexpensive, and something you can do to spread the word about your business from the very beginning. This enables smaller and medium companies to be able to become just as recognizable among some people as huge corporations.

2. Cost-Effective
A report from HubSpot shows that online marketing can generate 3 times as many leads as traditional advertising, and yet cost 62 percent less. With a website, you can spend less money on content that will be seen by far more people. If you are a small business struggling to find the capital to do the necessary work of advertising, online tools are the most cost effective opportunities to let people know about the services you can provide for them.

3. Targeted Audiences
Traditional advertising is seen by everybody, with no way to control who gets the message or focus only on the people likely to be responsive. In contrast, paid online marketing allows you to choose the people who receive your marketing content, or tailor your message to a specific audience. Knowing and controlling the people with whom you communicate can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your message.

4. Building Credibility
Online communication is instantaneous and interactive. When you deliver on your promises, it can make a huge difference with your customers. The internet gives these satisfied customers a platform to share their positive experiences with others. In this way, your online presence can be significantly amplified as loyal customers become your brand ambassadors, tellings other about the services you provide.

5. Possibilities of Search Ratings
According to Internet Live States, 88.5 percent of people in the U.S. have access to the internet through a cell phone or computer. This means almost everyone has gotten used to using a search engine as one of their primary ways to find information. With the help of experts at Emarketed, we can show you how to increase your search ratings so they are likely to be found on the first page of someone’s search results. This will enable your company to come to the awareness of anyone who might be seeking your services.

6. Trackable Data
With traditional advertising, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate the difference your marketing was doing. It was often hard to tell how many people see a television or print advertisement, or how it affected their purchasing decisions. Online marketing comes equipped with different tracking and analytics tools, so you can see who visited your website or saw your content, in real time. These resources allow you to see just how effective a marketing campaign is, or whether you should make changes.

7. Give Convenient Ways To Respond
Marketing’s primary goal is to get potential customers to respond to a call to action, by buying the product or service being offered. Online marketing content can easily also be an online store, allowing someone to respond to your message instantaneously upon hearing it. This allows for a degree of impulsivity when your messsage is likely to reach maximum impact, and a convenience that creates few barriers to allow a customer to respond.

8. Test-Drive New Ideas
Whether it’s through a website, social media, or e-mails, there are a wide variety of options and different ways to create online content that communicates a desired message. There is room for creativity, trying out new things. Lower costs mean lower risks for experimenting, and seeing how effective a particular message can be. The possibilities are potentially limitless.

9. Generating Higher Revenues
For all these reasons, online marketing can greatly help your business’ revenues. According to Google, effectively used digital marketing strategies can make a business grow 2.8 times better than expected otherwise. This is especially true for smaller businesses, that can increase their revenues by as much as 3.3 times as much. Online marketing can be like rocket fuel that causes your business to take off, and find opportunities for customers that are otherwise not possible.

10. Go Where Customers Are
The internet is already being used by most people on earth, giving people access to receive information that before would not have been possible. In the future, even more people will come more and more to rely on the internet as one of their main sources of information. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you are missing out on one of the biggest ways to attract attention to your business. Just a few simple steps can open your way to limitless possibilities for your business’ growth.

Fall Trends: Digital Marketing

Fall Trends: Digital Marketing

The realm of digital marketing is constantly changing and every business needs to stay up to date with the latest trends. The way that customers view and experience digital marketing can quickly change depending on emerging technology and new discoveries. There are few new trends that could be important to explore as you work on keeping your marketing approach current.

Virtual reality is becoming a more commonplace technology for consumers in their daily lives. Social media platforms like Facebook have even incorporated things like 360 degree photos and video publishing. Snapchat also allows users to project their virtual self into the real world with an animated bitmoji.

Businesses can take advantage of virtual reality by creating apps that incorporate a virtual element for users. Big brands like McDonald’s and IKEA are using virtual reality apps to give users a different experience with their products. There are plenty of creative ways to include virtual reality with an effective marketing campaign.

Another important trend is voice search which is quickly taking over typed searches as the most popular way for people to find what they are looking for. Incorporating voice search into an SEO campaign is now a necessity in order to take advantage of this trend. Voice search can change the way that people frame their questions and inquiries so SEO marketers will need to be in tune with the key terms that will work best.

One of the most effective marketing trends is using video content to get people’s attention. Video has taken over photos on social media and users expect to see lots of video content in their newsfeed. With video you can provide more engaging content that provides users with a more complete image of your brand.

Following these new trends in digital marketing can keep you relevant and up to date with potential customers this fall.

Working for Clients vs Collaborating with Clients

Working for Clients vs Collaborating with Clients

When you provide a service your clients expect you to work closely for them in order to achieve their goals. Retaining clients means not just working for them but listening to their needs and feedback so that you can collaborate on a project that will be satisfactory to them. Client collaboration can be the main factor that determines whether someone will want to work with you again.

Collaborating with clients means keeping the lines of communication open and encouraging them to bring their own ideas to the table. Instead of maintaining complete control over how a project is completed, you can be flexible and incorporate their suggestions throughout the process of working with them. Clients will appreciate the fact that you continually look for your input instead of retreating to work on a project and providing occasional updates.

When you work closely with clients there are a number of mutual advantages that make the whole process easier. You can make decisions faster, get an early opinion before spending too much time on an idea, avoid misunderstandings or miscommunication while creating a much clearer dialogue. Clients will also have a greater sense of ownership when the project is complete which will make them feel good about working with you.

Ultimately, collaborating with clients helps build trust with them so that they know you have their best interests in mind. The relationship can move beyond simply fulfilling a contract and become a long term partnership. They might keep you in mind for future projects or recommend you to others because of your personal touch.

Collaborating allows both parties to learn from each other and create something that they know will be effective. The more you allow your client to be involved in what you do the better the outcome will be for everyone involved.

What Your Business Needs to Be Doing on Amazon

What Your Business Needs to Be Doing on Amazon

Amazon is becoming an even more powerful force in retail and businesses that don’t have an Amazon strategy in place are missing a huge part of the market. Selling products on Amazon is an obvious decision for most businesses as it has become one of the most popular places for people to shop online. The Amazon marketplace can be competitive however so it is helpful to have a plan and use certain tactics to get your brand more visible to Amazon shoppers.

People need to be able to see your products on Amazon and you can make that happen by boosting their visibility through paid search ads. Amazon Sponsored Products is a pay per click program that allows more people see your product listings by putting them at the top of search results for certain keywords. If you haven’t invested in paid search on Amazon then it might be a good idea to start creating ads for some of your key products.

On Amazon it can also be useful to take advantage of data-driven insights so that you can boost your performance and drive sales. You can look at Amazon search query data to figure out which keywords customers are using to search and which ads are more effective. Analyzing historical data can help you to adjust your ads so that they are more successful at attracting customers.

To boost sales on Amazon it is always a good idea to stand out from the competition. You can accomplish this by offering coupon codes, enhanced brand content and branded packaging that makes your products more memorable. You want people to be able to recognize and appreciate your brand so that they keep coming back to buy your products.

Being active on Amazon can help people get to know your brand and ultimately drive sales both on the site and at your own physical store.

Creating an Effective Call to Action

Creating an Effective Call to Action

As compelling as your content may be, without a call to action you risk losing potentially interested customers. A call to action is essentially a line of copy telling your readers what you want them to do whether it is to visit the store, call your company or make a purchase online. If you are able to create the right kind of copy as part of your call to action or CTA you are more likely to see an increase in conversions.

Intriguing copy does not have to push too hard to make a sale but it should be direct enough that readers feel interested in following through. A balanced and effective call to action can lead to new subscribers and customers that help build your business.

Appealing and Direct Copycall to action button marketing online design page

A call to action should be both personable and persuasive, giving the reader a concrete reason why they should move forward. If you have written some interesting and informative content, at the end of the article you can include a link that will tell them where to learn more. Instead of writing something like “If you are interested in learning more click here” you can be more direct and say “Click here to buy this book and become an expert”.

The second type of call to action speaks personally to the reader and gives them an expectation and a reason to complete the transaction. It is also important to provide obvious and sometimes detailed instructions on how to take advantage of your offer because most people on the internet are busy surfing through multiple websites simultaneously. You need a call to action that tells readers where to click so you can quickly convert them to a customer.

Visually Enhancing a Call to Action

Sometimes creating an obvious call to action for busy readers can mean making something that stands out from your other content. An effective CTA will probably be the first thing a person notices when they skim the page and will lead them to read the rest of the content. While the actual copy of your CTA is important, consider visually how to attract readers with unique font or text size so that it appears differently than everything else on the page.

bCTAs should be simple statements that avoid too much of a sales tone so that readers know what to expect but are not put off by the language. When you think of how to execute a call to action, imagine yourself as the buyer and identify what might be interesting to you or would cause you to respond. An effective call to action considers what the reader is looking for and how to capture their attention.

Using Facebook Page Insights to Your Advantage

Using Facebook Page Insights to Your AdvantageFacebook insights are an important tool because your Facebook page can affect your website’s rankings. Google notices the number of links coming from your Facebook page to your website and when your pages are seen as important for a certain topic then Google can rank you for the subject of that page. In addition to this, Facebook search is getting better and better which means there is good reason to find out the extent of your reach and engagement on the site.

To get started using Facebook Insights you will need to have at least 30 likes, which should not be too difficult to get, and the insights will be available at the top of your page. Once you have the insights you can get loads of information about your visitors to help you understand what posts are working best and what your customers are looking for on your site.

Page Likes, Reach and Engagement

One thing to think about with the Facebook Page Insights is that it will only store information about your visitors for 180 days. If you want to keep track of historic data you will need to export it every so often using the export function in the main insight menu at the top of your stats.

When you click on insights at the top of your Facebook page you’ll see your insight dashboard with some statistics and data including the number of new page likes, post reach and engagement based on likes, comments, shares and post clicks. Below the dashboard will be an overview of your last five posts showing a chart of the reach and engagement of each post.

Going further into your Facebook Insights you can find out through the Totals graph whether your fan base has grown or not. It will tell you about the likes you have gained and the likes that you’ve lost through people not liking your page anymore or Facebook cleaning up their database as well as paid likes you’ve received.

Page Visits and Fan Data

On a daily basis the Totals graph can tell you where your likes came from including those from ads, page suggestions, on your page, or direct page likes. You can filter the graph by adjusting the date range at the top so you can look at data from any particular time period.

There is also a Reach section which tells you about the number of people who have seen your post as well as information about hiding your post, reporting as spam or unliking. Looking at this section can give you a good idea of what type of posts work and which ones don’t so you can adjust to your audience. The section titled Posts gives you a more detailed overview about how effective your content is by showing you the number of visits per hour and which type of posts get more clicks.

The final tab is People which will show you stats about the gender and age of your fans and the people you reach. Facebook Page Insights can make it easy to look through data and find out what kind of content is the most effective and how to reach your customers more effectively.

Should My Company Take a Political Stand?

Should My Company Take a Political Stand?

We live in complex times politically and the country is strongly divided on more issues every day. Companies may feel inclined to weigh in on their beliefs about the current political situation but aren’t sure how it will affect their business. While expressing positive company values can be important, it is sometimes best to tread lightly when it comes to taking a political stance.

Consumers are more interested now than ever in hearing a company’s political views but in certain cases it could lead to alienating or angering some audiences. Customers may respond positively to a political stance in some instances but there are also dangers that businesses need to be aware of. People believe that businesses should take action so taking a political stance could generate a lot of interest in your company.

Bigger corporations tend stay on the fence politically but smaller businesses can actually generate more awareness of their brand by being political. One thing to consider however is that taking one side of a debate is likely to cut down your potential audience by a certain amount. Not everyone is going to agree with your political stance and they may avoid buying from you if they are offended by your beliefs or actions.

Remember that one in five consumers have boycotted a brand because of a scandal or negative press. You also need to think about what stakeholders or investors might think of your political stance and how they will react. If people are not already aware of your political beliefs it could have a huge impact on your business’s success.

Taking a political stand can be a risky move and may work for some businesses more than others. In the end you need to weigh the potential costs and benefits to see if it is the right decision.

Sending Your First Newsletter

Sending Your First Newsletter

Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and let them know about the important information that you want to share. A newsletter allows you to notify people about special new products, discounts, store events or anything that you want to tell them about your brand. Your very first newsletter can serve as a valuable introduction that will give people an idea of what to expect from your emails in the future.

When creating your first newsletter it is helpful to think about the visual appearance of the content and make sure that it conveys the right tone and is consistent with your brand. You can use the same color scheme, logo and general look for your website so that people can quickly recognize that the email came from you. It should look interesting and visually appealing so that people don’t end up deleting or skipping over the email because it seems boring.

Your first newsletter can include some introductory information, thanking the reader for signing up and giving them a general idea of what your company is and what you do. You should make sure that the information you convey is concise and direct, rather than long and rambling which could deter readers. It needs to also contain information that is useful to them and will keep them continuing to read your future emails.

Your newsletter should include some links either to your website, blog or any popular content that you think your readers would want to see. Most importantly it should advertise something and entice readers to buy or look at more products on your site. You can highlight a new product or a popular standby that you think will interest people.

When you send your first newsletter think about creating content that people will want to read and keep reading because it offers something useful for them.

Here are 7 Ways To Grow Your Email List!

What Your Company Should be Doing on YouTube

What Your Company Should be Doing on YouTube

Many businesses don’t realize the enormous potential that YouTube can have for marketing online. Having a YouTube channel gives you opportunities to reach a wider audience and communicate directly to customers with information that they value. With compelling content you can increase your viewers, build up your brand and get more people to click through to your website.

The most effective YouTube channels follow a few different strategies in order to get the most out of their video marketing efforts. One thing to focus on is creating a substantial volume of content on your channel so that you can increase your viewership. With only a few videos people might lose interest or not take your brand as seriously.

With increasing volume it is still very important to focus on the quality of the content as you publish on a regular basis. You don’t want to overload people with too much at once, but simply post at regular intervals so that you build up the volume gradually and keep people interested. You can pick a few key areas where you feel that you can provide useful information, entertainment or something of value and create more content within those larger categories.

Another useful strategy on YouTube to get content seen by a wider audience is to collaborate with another brand. Working with someone else who has a similar audience to you can help you get more exposure and they will benefit by getting exposure to your audiences. Collaboration can be an organic way to build viewership and increase your credibility.

One of the most important strategies on YouTube is to create a sense of consistency in your content so that it represents your brand. Posting regularly with a consistent tone and style lets people know who you are and what to expect from your business.