Is Organic Social Media Marketing Reliable?

What is Organic Social Media?

Social media is “free” in the sense that there is no barrier to entry and any business can join. While signing up is essentially cost-free, there is much more to it. Joining Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter doesn’t mean instant success. The idea that free or organic social media is reliable is quickly dwindling. Sure, it can happen organically for certain businesses or industries. But for the most part, social media marketing is becoming a ‘pay to play’ field.

There are still many benefits of organic social media: attract and keep loyal customers with engaging content; better understand your audience, and communicate. But the need for the use of ads in order to get the right attention in social media is becoming more noticeable.


Current Social Media Trends

Because of all the noise on free social media sites, there has to be a better way to capture a customer’s attention and stand out from the crowd. This comes through in the form of advertisements or sponsored ads and content. The idea is that ads and content will be sprinkled into your regular “organic” feed while the intent is to cater to your needs and wants seamlessly.

For example, if you follow certain brands on Facebook, you might see a sponsored ad from a similar retailer. Alternatively, your favorite Instagram celebrity may sponsor or endorse certain products and services in an update. When using social media ads, the goal for retailers is to stay relevant by targeting the right audience. But in 2015, this is going to cost them.

One thing that is certain is that users don’t want to be inundated with in-your-face ads while using social media. For businesses, this makes it harder to choose the most effective types of ads as well as figuring out if paid ads are worth the while. Luckily, with the introduction of Twitter Product Cards and “Buy” buttons on Facebook, this makes it easier for customers as well as businesses.

Another trend that will continue to be popular in social media is the idea of personal and private messaging. Customers can Tweet, DM, & Message brands across all the major social media networks. And often, they’ll expect prompt replies. Keep that in mind with your current social media plan.

When You Need Help

Planning and carrying out a social media campaign isn’t easy if you’re doing it alone. Over time, it’s something that can get put off and ignored… which is why you often see social media accounts that aren’t active or engaging. Organic social media isn’t going anywhere but you have to keep up with the changes to make the most out of our accounts. There are many options for your business, no matter what size and budget you have in mind.

If you’re interested in taking your organic and/or paid social media campaigns to the next level, call Emarketed today for a free consultation.

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