Why You Need To Optimize For Your Business Name

hello-my-name Of all the keywords and terms you target with organic and paid search, is your business name included? If you haven’t thought about optimizing for your business name, it’s something to consider in both SEO and PPC.


Even if you rank 1st for your business name in organic search, there’s a way to outrank that in paid ad space. Don’t let competitors “steal” your business away by ranking on top of your organic listing. Bidding on branded terms is an effective strategy because it ensures that you dominate SERPs for your business name. The price you actually pay for these clicks is also relatively low compared to other high volume, competitive keywords.

Bidding on branded terms is also an effective strategy for reputation management and if you want greater control of where your site shows up for your business name. It works especially well when you have bad reviews floating around on Yelp or other third part review sites. While a quick search of your business name + “reviews” might reveal these unsavory directory listings, bidding on branded terms will help trigger your ad so that it shows up on top of these review or social media sites.

Remember, the higher your site shows up in search engine results, the higher the click-through rate will be. Showing up in paid ad space is sure to help and it will bolster your efforts if you’re showing up both in organic and paid search.

Organic Search

Did you know that your About page and Results/Customer Testimonials page will often be at the top of the list of most viewed pages on your website? Keeping this in mind gives you an opportunity to optimize for your business name, targeted location(s), and desired keywords.

Your website’s About page should tell customers as little or as much as you want them to know about your business. But it’s also a great opportunity for natural on-site optimization. For example, when a potential customer is looking at your business, they will most likely search your company name plus “review”, “testimonial”, “client reviews”, “case study”, and “ratings”. Use this as a starting point to expand on these with branded pages on your website.

Want to Learn More?

Optimizing for your business name might often be on the bottom of your list of priorities because it’s something that seems to obvious and miniscule. But there’s always room for improvement and this is a good place to start. If you have any questions about bidding on branded terms with PPC or reputation management, contact Emarketed today for a free evaluation and site review.

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