Maximize Your Online Efforts with Both SEO and PPC

Online marketing covers so much nowadays and it’s actually scarce that a business would have a PPC campaign without SEO or vice versa.


Even though there are distinct differences in paid and organic search, there are many ways that you can coordinate them to your advantage. Just like PB&J, PPC and SEO can work together… although there are times when you may prefer them apart. Let’s take a look at a few ways a business can benefit when using the two:

Helps With Making Relevant On-Site Changes and Updates

You can make changes to your website with hints of what works for your paid ads. Improving website content is helpful when you can get insight on organic and paid search queries. Since Google is fond of the (not provided) data, Adwords can help. With using the paid search option, you can get insight on what keywords bring a high volume of traffic. You can also look at it per page or keyword basis when analyzing bounce rates and post ad-click behavior.

Figure Out What Keywords Convert

Conversion is one of the most, if not the most, important factors of an online marketing campaign. It can be difficult to measure though, depending on your goals and whether or not you also measure micro-conversions.

Reviewing data for your organic campaign in Google Analytics can help give you a better idea of what converts when it comes to paid ads. In Analytics, you can keep track of conversions like whether or not someone downloaded a brochure or submitted a contact form. Historical data, even if it’s for organic SEO, helps you fine-tune your paid ads. This way, you have something solid to go by in terms of budget, bids, and the return to expect. In return, you can test these keywords with different PPC landing page tests and stick with what works better.

Increase Brand Awareness and Boost Visibility

This is the ultimate reason to use the one-two punch that is SEO combined with PPC. If your site shows up well in organic search, pairing it with a top listing for a paid ad only maximizes your business visibility. This helps potential customers become familiar with your brand and dominating page one shows that you are doing something right, both in organic and paid aspects!

Create a Catch-all for Non-Converters

If you didn’t quite capture a customer from an organic click, remarketing is another paid search venue that your business can utilize. It is extremely versatile in that you can target users who have visited your site before but did not convert. It also doesn’t matter HOW the visitor got to your site, how cool is that? These targeted paid ads help with all the above we just mentioned but also helps increase the chance of conversion, especially with even more targeted ads on what the customer is looking for.


Maximizing your business success online means that you should coordinate your SEO and PPC efforts so that the campaigns work together to best benefit your website. SEO and PPC work well together, when you know what you’re doing. Contact us at Emarketed today for any questions on your paid and organic campaigns, call 800-WEB-5421 or 323-340-4010 today.

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