Emarketed Office News Roundup May 2014

May’s an exciting month here at Emarketed! Don’t forget to join us for the Google Partners Connect event on Wednesday, May 21st from 11am to 12pm PST. Are you ready to grow your business? Do you have questions about the most effective online marketing practices today? Join us for Google Partners Connect to discover great ideas, get answers you need, and meet three Google experts who are ready to share their valuable insights via ChromeCast, the latest in teleportation devices.

Speakers at the Google Partners Connect Event include:

Arjan Dijk – VP, Global Small Business Marketing
Help small businesses succeed on the web
Arjan, author of The Small Think Big Book, will share unique insights, inspirational stories, and actionable ideas to help small businesses thrive in a hyper-connected marketplace.

Fred Vallaeys
Google AdWords Evangelist
Maximize your business online
Fred will examine how businesses can navigate online advertising and expand their online presence through smarter insights—leading to greater customer engagement with digital ads.

Ben Wood
Director, Channel Sales Americas
Work and win with an agency
Ben will discuss how small businesses should approach working with an agency, what resources the Google agency team provides, and the importance of working with an online professional.

Office Remodel

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Website Design and Development Showcase

Unveiling the new http://www.goodencenter.org! Take a look and check out our portfolio here!

Stay tuned for more and let us know in the comment section if you’d like to see more of something!

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