Nostalgia and Yearning for Websites of the Past

“Retro”, “vintage” and “antique” are some words that describe the nostalgia we often get about reminiscing about familiar things in our past. But yearning for the past can also bring up some other not-so-flattering terms, such as “tacky”, “outdated” and “old”.

“Everything old is new again”
This pretty much accurately sums up the history of music, fashion, movies and all things related to design. But how do you go back without going too far back? This is a tricky line to walk, especially when building something as important as your business logo or website.

Familiar Elements
Luckily, going back to a time of simple, clean design element is on point nowadays. Trends that include:
– One page design
– Minimalist navigation
– Big, round buttons (great for social media)
– Large photos
– Prominent logos/branding

With a New Twist
Add some modern elements that make it easier for visitors:
Responsive web design
– Fixed navigation (at the top, bottom or sides means less scrolling!)
– Infinite scrolling
– Sliding header panels

Like any other trend predictions, we can only stick to what we think will do well. But 2013 definitely looks like a year where designs from the past will inspire bigger and better things for the future. Let us know what you think and make sure to check out our online portfolio.

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