6 Reasons You Need a CMS Website

cms websiteIf you like the idea of being in control of your website, a content management system may be exactly what your business needs. Here are 6 reasons you may want to consider a custom CMS:

1) Simplicity: Have you ever used WordPress, Joomla, Moveable type or a similar CMS? Editing your website can be as simple as posting a blog post. The beauty of using a content management system is that you don’t need extensive knowledge of HTML or PHP to make major or minor edits. Did I mention, WYSIWYG? Who doesn’t like that?

2) Custom design: WordPress has many free and paid themes. This is easy for a business owner who wants to just pick and choose a design template. If you’d like a more personalized design to really exemplify your business’ personality, a web developer can easily help accommodate your needs and create a design from scratch. Then, you can proudly say that your website is unique and accurately represents your business.

3) Search engine friendly: Many people have the misconception that CMS websites don’t or can’t rank well in search engine results. This is a misunderstanding because whether you’re using a custom or template CMS, there are plugins and features that can give your website the capability to include all the search engine friendly features of a traditional website built using HTML. (Check out our recent post on SEO plugins.)

4) Reliable Hosting: A free CMS can be great, but depending on your growing business needs, you’ll want security in knowing that your site will have as little downtime as possible. There’s nothing worse than knowing that your website is down and thinking about the missed opportunities. We provide reliable web hosting services, business email accounts and anything else a modern company will need to run a business smoothly.

5) Efficient for a small business owner: Running all aspects of a small business can be incredibly time consuming and hectic. Normally, if you want a small change made to your site, you would have to submit it to your developer. These requests can’t always be made when you want them, as they also have different clients to accommodate. With your custom CMS, you can bypass that process and make the changes yourself.

6) Cost effective: Choosing a CMS may sound like a commitment, but the investment is worth it. Take a test run for yourself and set up a WordPress account (or another blog service) to get a feel of how to make pages and make changes. Over time, you’ll save time and money in being able to make website changes yourself.

Check out our custom Organic CMS to see if it’s right for your business!

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