3 More Reasons to Implement Responsive Design

Responsive web design should no longer be a foreign, far away concept. It’s something that your business can take advantage of today. While you debate the necessity of a responsive website, here are 3 more reasons to help you make up your mind:


1) Get a Competitive Edge – Now that Google has removed Authorship pictures from search results, there are on-site factors that you have to work on to get noticed. Implementing a responsive web design is a huge first step in optimizing your website for mobile, laptop and desktop (and everything in between) all at once.

The idea of responsive web design is new enough that all your competitors probably don’t have it. They might still be fumbling with a clunky mobile site that doesn’t load properly on a screen sizes. Having a responsive web site will help your business stand out and stand out among the crowd as being innovative and tech/consumer-savvy.

2) Play by Google’s Rules – Not only does responsive web design get Google’s seal of approval, but they’re willing to go as far as penalizing websites for mobile and faulty redirects. For a while now, Google has been toying with the idea that it will showcase a note to users that they will be directed to a mobile website. This user experience isn’t ideal as you want the search and buy experience to be as seamless as possible. The idea of a separate mobile website is outdated and no longer efficient.

3) Streamline and Make Things Easier – With responsive web design, you’re dealing with one website and a single URL for each page of content. You don’t have to worry about mobile versions of this and duplicate versions of that… users will get ONE version of your site, no matter what device they’re using. Google also prefers responsive design for another reason, it makes their robots work less hard! Yes, even Googlebot has to crawl and index mobile versions of your website.

In the end, responsive web design makes it easier on your webmaster, customers and Google. It’s a win-win-win situation. It’s also a cost-effective solution that will last you years to come. A well-designed and easy-to-maintain responsive website will last your business years to come without feeling outdated quickly. It’s an investment but one that’s sure to be worth it. Call the Emarketed team at (877) 959-5322 for a free consultation on responsive website design.

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