Improving Your Mobile Click-to-Call Options

If you’re not thinking about optimizing phone numbers and the click-to-call action for paid mobile ads, think again! Today’s search trends show that mobile users are looking for and even expecting a click-to-call action for mobile ads. Google reports that over 40 million calls were made directly to businesses from Google ads each month. And that number is only growing.


The Value of a Conversion

Within the metric of call volume, we have to understand that not all calls are “worth” the same, when it comes to conversions. Even for a business like a restaurant, a call for reservations or a to-go order is more valuable than a quick inquiry about directions or hours of operation. This is important because it helps a business determine the best keywords for their ads, those that result in high quality calls. Google recognizes this and will be addressing in the next few weeks, hooray!

Types of Conversions

The more you can quantify conversions from paid ads, the better. Google is working on how to help businesses manage their call conversions by customizing the name and type of conversion. Their example is that a bank can record calls for savings accounts and branch hours.

Protecting Your Business and Brand

Have you Googled your name or business name lately? In some cases, competitor ads may show up ABOVE your organic listing. And guess what, that paid listing has a click to call action on mobile devices! This is just one of many reasons that you should actively monitor mobile PPC ads and make sure that other businesses aren’t getting that competitive edge.

Implementing a Clear Design

Switching gears away from paid search for a second, there are a few things you need to implement on the organic side. Whether it’s your mobile site or mobile version of your responsive design, a click to call action (button) is important. An icon of a phone might be too subtle and you have to be clear… whether it’s in a bright color, bold button or clearly stating “Click here to call us now”.

Google’s Future Plans

The good thing is that Google is planning to unveil more options businesses in the very near future! for Read more about it on the official AdWords blog here.

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