Millennial Marketing- Reaching the Young Generation

Millennial Teenage Girl Smiling Taking A Selfie On SmartphoneAllowing your company to grow and expand in a competitive market can mean targeting new demographics or finding different ways to reach a larger consumer base. One of the important groups that marketers must focus on now is the millennials who represent the next generation of consumers. Millennials are part of the younger generation who reached adulthood in the new millennium and they may have unique needs when it comes to making buying decisions. People in this demographic are especially attuned to technology because they grew up with internet access in an electronics-filled environment. Marketers need to consider special tactics when trying to reach this demographic so that they can stand out and keep up with competitors.

Stay Current with Social Media Trends

To gain the attention of the younger generation it is important to know where they are and place yourself there. Most marketers are well-versed in Facebook and Twitter but newer social media sites are growing in importance such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine which are used mainly by the younger generation. Having a brand presence in places where millennials hang out can help you get your foot in the door.  Being creative and engaging on these sites with content that makes people laugh or contains interesting ideas and stories can have a real impact. The most important thing is to be where they are and have fun rather than directly or aggressively promoting your brand. Communicating to millennials can be easier if you understand their language and talk the way they talk. Paying attention to how the younger generation communicates with each other and what they respond to most often should be a key element in your marketing strategy. A great way to stay current with what millennials are interested in is to hire some so that they can tell you what is hip and relevant for their generation.

Strive to Be Genuine

A crucial thing to keep in mind for marketing to millennials is to focus on campaigns that are authentic and original. The next generation is always searching for something that is unique and original and they love the new ideas that can come with technology. Engaging in new technology in an authentic and interesting way can help you communicate in a way that reaches millennials effectively. It is impossible to plan a viral video because what makes something viral is always a genuine moment experienced by a real person. For marketers, you need to focus on being as real as possible and making something fresh, funny and engaging that will reach a new audience.