Identifying Micro Conversions in an SEO Campaign

Conversions are key to a website’s success. But are you paying close attention to micro conversions as you are to the macro conversions? Micro conversions tend to get overlooked when there are “bigger fish to fry”. Who cares about a newsletter signup when you can be counting amount of products sold? As a website and business owner, you should care about both. This means analyzing users and the types of actions they take during each session. Even though they don’t seem as important, many micro conversions put together simply cannot be overlooked.


What Are Micro Conversions?

Some examples of micro conversions you can monitor for your website include:
– Number of product page views
– Monthly bounce rate
– Adding an item to a shopping cart
– Downloading a PDF
– Social engagement (number of Likes, +1’s etc.)
– Watching a video
– Newsletter sign-up
– Joining a mailing list
– Subscription to an RSS feed
– Leaving a phone number for a call back
– Number of pages viewed over a certain time

Benefits of Measuring and Monitoring Micro Conversions

The more tangible factors you can keep track of and monitor, means that you can make better website decisions. Website analytics is free (but there is Google Analytics Premium, worth a pretty penny at $150,000 a year). And even though it is free, some businesses may overlook the tracking it can provide.

Understanding micro conversions help you better understand all the small pieces that lead to the big picture concerning your website. Instead of looking at it as a complicated task, think of it as looking at segmented parts of your website. Let’s face it, depending on your business and industry, the average conversion rate can be pretty low – even 2% to 10%. For the most part, this means people aren’t converting or making smaller conversions that you don’t really think of as making “the big” sale.

Tracking micro conversions gives website owners a better idea of user intent and lets them know if their site is fulfilling a particular need. Knowing this will help you enhance user experience, improve your website and increase conversions and ultimately sales!

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