Why Meta Descriptions are Still Important

meta description

There’s so much talk about meta-this and meta-that. But did you know that search engines don’t use this as a main criteria (if at all) in ranking your site? Meta descriptions are only one of many elements of search engine optimization elements. So why is it still important?

First of all, what are they? Meta descriptions are the short blurb that you’ll see summarizing a web page on search results pages. The purpose of meta descriptions aren’t so much for search engines, but for the actual users who are searching for your business and clicking through to your site.

Meta Description Do’s

An effective meta description should be concise and make use of your most relevant keywords. It should also be an accurate representation of the content on your website. Try to avoid being too long-winded, most search engines only display the first 160 characters of your meta description.

Meta Description Don’ts

Skipping out on a meta description, overstuffing it with keywords or displaying misleading content are all big no-nos. Each page of your website has a section for a unique description. So, the last thing you want to do is to copy and paste that little snippet over and over on each page.

Before you’re tempted to skimp out on those meta descriptions, think again!

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