Looking Back at Marketing Trends in 2011

There’s no other time of the year like the Christmas holiday season. My favorite thing about this time of the year (regarding marketing) are annual wrap up posts where we get to reminisce about all the interesting things that took place during 2011. Let’s take at 3 marketing trends that captivated customers this year:

1) Investing more time and resources into social media – Big businesses and small business alike invested more money into social media marketing this year. Not only that, but SMBs found that social media was helpful and an influential part of the decision making process. The introduction of Google +, Facebook’s Timeline and Twitter’s makeover for businesses are all a part of this social media revolution for customers and businesses.

2) Emphasis on local marketing – Geotargeting and local search marketing has become more important for SEO and PPC. Studies showed that mobile searches had more of a local emphasis, which spurred the growth of local sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Yelp. This trend made it more inviting for businesses owner to reach out to locals and establish themselves as a part of the community.

3) Integration across different marketing mediums and platforms – 2011 showed us that an effective marketing campaign must be a coordinated effort. Old Spice’s manly man and Google Chrome’s Dear Sophie campaigns come to mind. These are all things you can learn in a typical business class but the horizon has expanded. Social and traditional. Written content and video. Desktop and mobile. What about tablets and video? All these things need to work together more than ever!

Do any other trends this year stand out in your mind?

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