How Machine Learning Can Benefit Marketing

Machine Learning, Turning Lightbulbs Into SolutionsIn the past, computers were only capable of performing functions they were programmed to do and they had to be dictated each move through a rule-based program. Now technology has evolved to the point where marketers are able to use systems that employ something called “machine learning” which uses algorithms to figure out patterns in data. A machine learning system uses a pattern-matching model that is initially set up and then matches incoming data against the model. If the match is off then the system can adjust the factors shaping the model until it recognizes the actual pattern. What this means for marketers is that machine learning systems can produce useful insights and recommendations on how to achieve certain goals or answer specific questions.

Recognizing Patterns

Machine learning can be used to analyze user behavior and figure out which strategies work for achieving certain goals. The platform can create a model for what appears to work based on what you are looking for from customers. For example if you wanted to find out what causes customers to unsubscribe from your email newsletter you could use the platform to analyze data and find out the number of emails you can send to certain types of customers before they unsubscribe. You can also use machine learning to help you figure out how to generate better content for emails, web pages and other marketing material.  Some platforms can find new prospects that resemble your most responsive customers and advertise to them through the method that will work best.

An Important Trend

Because machine learning platforms can provide valuable recommendations on how marketers can reach goals and improve their results, it is now a growing trend in the world of digital advertising. Experts suggest that within two to five years most platforms will be able not only to find patterns but also adapt to new situations and challenges. The belief is also that within a year there will be a dramatic increase in the number of marketing applications that employ machine learning tactics. While a machine may not be able to make all the marketing decisions that are important to maintaining a successful brand, a platform that understands customer patterns and can predict their behavior is invaluable to advertisers.