Los Angeles Meetup to Discuss Pay Per Click Marketing

ppc-overviewHave questions about PPC but aren’t sure how or who to ask? You are just in luck! Emarketed is holding a FREE meetup next Wednesday at our Los Angeles office at 6pm. We will discuss everything your small business needs to know about pay per click advertising with Google.

Our meetup will be the perfect refresher course if you are just getting started with PPC or even if are looking for alternatives to the way your current campaign is being managed.

Think Like the Customer

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is a good practice as a business owner. But it’s also a good perspective to take with paid ads. By understanding a user’s search intent, you can make the most out of your campaigns by targeting the right people who are looking for what your company offers. This understanding helps in every aspect from the ad copy, landing page, website, contact form, and buying or checkout process. Context is everything, so don’t be afraid to play the part of the customer.

Focus on the Top Bunch

By the nature of PPC, ads are going to get a lot of clicks and conversions that cover a variety of topics and keywords. To combat the information overload, focus on top performers – meaning top clicks and conversions. Optimizing for the top performers is a good way to make your paid ads worker smarter, not harder. Make sure to be aware of and ask your PPC consultant about top metrics to keep track of.

Consider Remarketing

Remarketing isn’t like traditional pay per click but they are related. This cost effective method of paid search is a good way to keep your brand and business at the forefront of the minds of interested customers. Ask us more about how remarketing can work for your business.

Branded PPC

Branded pay per click is also an efficient way to maximize your paid search profitability. You can read more about that on our related blog post here. The idea is to capture an audience that is already searching for your brand and these terms are usually very cost efficient.

Lear more about our meetup by visiting our event or Facebook page.

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