July 2013: Social Media Mashup

Are you getting the most out of your social media campaigns? Take a look at some of the latest social networking trends and take a look at what you can try out today:

mash-upInstagram Video: Instagram’s not one to be outdone, so it’s about time they out with 15 second videos! Take that Vine’s 6 second videos. Whether it’s photos or videos, this site is a great place for big brands and small businesses alike. Especially those who are looking to appeal to customers who are aware of the latest trends and tech savvy.

Instagram videos can be transformed with 13 different filters and there’s also a feature that can make your shots more steady. Most importantly, don’t forget about the point of Instagram. It’s not a place for traditional ads but rather a creative place where you can better share and relate to your audience. (Don’t forget to check out Emarketed’s Instagram!)

Google+: Google+ isn’t the ghost town it’s made out to be and many exciting changes are bringing in more users. These changes aren’t new but you should pay more attention if you haven’t been active. Larger cover photos, the capability for duo streams, custom URLs, tie-ins with Google Authorship and Local make it the place to be for businesses.

Even if you think it’s not the right place for your business in the social media world, it’s worth it to give the site a spin. Try customized your content, tagging it and linking it appropriately on your website for maximum visibility. The social signals and possible influences on search engine rankings are worth the effort alone, wouldn’t you say?

LinkedIn: Some marketers and (even CEOs) speculate the rise of LinkedIn over Facebook. The reasoning? LinkedIn has more potential for serious growth while Facebook will continue to grow and be seen as a “birthday network”. The argument is that LinkedIn will be more valuable for data researchers and employers.

In the long run, especially for specific industries, it might be worthwhile to invest the time into building a strong LinkedIn presence. You can take advantage of being on the site since many consumers see it as more trustworthy and professional. What do you think? How soon will it be before people tire of Facebook and does LinkedIn really have staying power?

Facebook: If you’re looking to start or expand your Facebook ad campaign, you’re in luck. While they currently have 27 different types of advertisements, Facebook is looking to drastically streamline by cutting that amount in half. For example, setting up Sponsored Stories to a domain that you own is an inexpensive and easy way to bring traffic to your website. Check out how to maximize CTR and get more visitors by checking out this post on Social Media Examiner.

What ads or methods on social networks do you think are most effective? Comment and let us know in the comments below.

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