How to Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Writer’s block happens to the best and worst of us. Whether you’re feeling uninspired, burned out or literally burned (high of 100 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday!), it’s understandable that you might not be as productive as you would like. Having a routine and using tools and keeping track of your ideas will help you get through the writing slog.


What Happens When I Can’t Think of Anything to Write?

So, you’re in the writing mode but you don’t have a topic – that’s the worst. Blogging doesn’t happen all of a sudden without planning and thought. Usually, you don’t just sit down at the computer as words magically come flowing through to the screen from your keyword.

Prepping beforehand saves a lot of time and stress. Using this approach, you can keep a list of possible topics ready in your back pocket. Have this list easily accessible so that you can add to it anytime inspiration strikes. It can be kept in your email, document on your desktop, in your moleskin notebook or favorite productivity application, like Evernote. Making note keeping a habit will help your blogging in the long run.

Surf with Purpose

If you don’t have a topic list to fall back on, that’s ok too. Browsing for writing inspiration also doubles for doing research. Having a purpose to your research/browsing will help you narrow in on a topic, instead of drifting around the internet aimlessly for hours with no real results. This means no visiting Pinterest, Cracked, Buzzfeed, or even YouTube unless you absolutely need too! Instead, sites like Inc and LifeHacker are productive, stimulating and share time-sensitive stories… all of which can help you come up with a blog topic or further continue your blogging.

How Can I Boost My Blog’s Visibility?

The idea of getting your blog out in front of a bigger audience can be an inspiring thing in itself! Writing for people is important but your blog posts alone can’t get more visitors. Blogs don’t exist in a standalone bubble. Here are some basic things that you can add to your list to help with visibility:
– Think in Q&A terms and answer questions that you have searched for yourself (Think Google Hummingbird)
– Share your blog posts and link when possible and appropriate: linked to social media accounts, pushed in newsletters, sent to friends and family.
– Share even more on blog specific sites such as Blog Catalog, AllTop, Inbound, Patch and more.
– Check news sites, Google Trends, and Twitter Trending Topics for ideas on what people are talking about and searching for.

Keep on, Keepin’ On

Blogging more can help you become a better and more consistent writer. Even when there are days you don’t want to write or boring topics that you don’t really want to expand on, you should push through it. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…” and blogging might fall under that category, but it’s worth it!

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