iCampaigns Helps Track Political Campaigns

It’s Election Day, have you voted yet? Whether it’s turning in your vote by mail ballot or taking some time in between your lunch break, it’s important to get your vote out there!
Anyways, have you ever thought about how much it takes to organize and oversee a political campaign? iCampaigns is a new iPhone application that helps political campaign managers do just that. With this dynamic pair of applications, candidates and consultants will stay up to date about what opponents are up to.

Let’s take a look at the two components:

iCampaigns Manager

The manager app allows managers to access insight straight from the field as reported by volunteers. This means that if an opponent is bent on a campaign to attack your client, you’ll be able to find out about the attacks whether they come in the form of a campaign mailer, yard sign, or TV spot. Volunteers will capture this information through their iPhone and send it straight to you. Managers will have the opportunity to connect with verified volunteers through an access code so the information can be securely shared. This is extremely helpful if you have multiple campaigns to run and various candidates to track.

iCampaigns Tracker

The free tracker app is perfect for grassroots campaign enthusiasts. As a volunteer, you have the option to share your demographic and contact information with a manager. This way, you can stay connected and get up to date information about your favorite political candidate. As you spot damaging ads from opponents, you can capture the info and send it straight to a political manager. This will help with damage control and your politician will be able to launch a quick response to the attack. The most important part about being an active volunteer is knowing that your efforts can help your favorite candidate win the election!

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