How to Amplify Your Content

Content is king but with that being said, there is an extra step needed after the content is actually written. Good content will help keep visitors on the page and increase conversions. But good content alone can’t bring in visitors and can’t really be found without an additional boost. Luckily, there are a few ways you can do that.


Social Media Marketing

Organic and paid aspects of social media are worth exploring. Of course, you can always push new blog posts and content on your social profiles. But don’t feel like you need to automate everything to post on every network at once. You can pick and choose topics that you feel would do best on each network.
Paid ads like Facebook Ads are an easy and affordable way to encourage readers to click on your click-worthy content.

The Old Fashioned Way

Email and newsletters are a more traditional method of sharing content. But at the same time, it’s easy and effective. It can be as simple as adding a blog link to your email signature or sending a recap of your new content and posts every month or quarter. They key here is to be consistent and share content that people would want to read. Don’t be afraid to send solitary pieces of content to your close friends and family and ask them to comment and/or share on their social profiles. Content can’t grow and amplify if you don’t put the effort into it!

Services/Tools That Help Grow Traffic

For a relatively “new” approach, there are tools like Pub Exchange, Story Stack on WordPress, Outbrain and Taboola. Have you ever come across a news site with a section at the end for Sponsored Stories or a “You Might Also Like:” section? With these services, you can bid to have your content placed on local or global sites. This is a great way for publishers to showcase their stories on venues that they wouldn’t get to otherwise, on sites like CNN, Cracked and the Huffington Post.

Why Bother?

Content amplification helps get your website and blog found in more places that just organic search. Sure, being at the top of Google search results is wonderful but you should always strive to grow your traffic and by more diverse means than just Google organic. These are just a few, easy methods to help boost your content. So go on, get out there and do it!

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