Should I Handle My Paid Search Campaign or Hire a PPC Consultant?

Pay per click marketing is an effective way to find customers who are looking for your goods/services. But why would you want to hire someone to manage your campaign when it’s technically something that you can do yourself?

Questions You Might Have
The technical aspect of managing a PPC campaign is one important reason you might consider hiring an AdWords Qualified company or individual. Some questions you might have include:

– Should I only run my ads in the evening and at night when people have time off work?
– How should I test the effectiveness of my ads and landing pages?
– What is the average daily/weekly spend for my industry?
– Will I always be in the top spots?
– What’s the difference ad placements at the top of organic search results and to the right?

The Evolution of Google AdWords
infographic shows changing landscape of Google AdWords. It’s a lot of work to keep up with the evolving world of paid ads, especially when it involves the top spots. This study by SEOmoz shows that top ads are evolving in that the are showing ad extensions, more site-links, and forms for lead generation. You can only expect Google to experiment with different formats in order to increase click-through-rates.

Different Ways to Manage Your PPC Ads
There is no “right” way to manage a pay per click campaign because different budgets allow for different methods. If you need advice or have questions about PPC, feel free to call us at 323-340-4010 for a free consultation.

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