Why Using Headlines in Content Is Still Important in 2015

bam-headline The amount of text on any written medium can be extremely overwhelming. On top of that, reader attention span has dropped significantly compared to previous years. This means that using interesting and relevant taglines throughout content is more important than ever.

Think of ‘Clickbait’… That Actually Delivers

The idea of ‘clickbait‘ is to tempt readers to click into a story or website based on outrageous or sensationalist headlines. More often than not, these stories don’t have anything of substance and are merely puff pieces written to bring in traffic. Take the first part of that idea but follow through.

Instead, you can still incorporate some of these ideas into your headlines:

Headlines Are Still Important for SEO

Taglines help organize a piece of content and also help directs the flow. It also helps readers stay in check and focused. Using headlines gives long content a break but it’s also a good opportunity to use related & desired keywords and phrases. When used in a question format, this is also great way to meet the Hummingbird factor in headlines.

Breaking it down to on-page optimization and the actual coding of a website or web page, headlines give the opportunity to use subheading classes (h2, h3, h4, etc). Using these designated subheading classes shows an emphasis in the topic – which is essential for SEO.

The next time you feel like going on a long rant in a blog post or web page, don’t forget to go back and add some subheadings. They are still important for readers and SEO!

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