Harness The Power of Video Marketing

If there’s one thing customers can’t get enough of, it is videos. A new infographic and study by Animoto shows that 96% of customers find videos helpful when deciding to make an online purchase.

Increasing Trustworthiness and Leaving a Positive Impression

Out of 1000+ participates, the survey reveals that 58% of consumers believe that companies that produce videos are more trustworthy than those that don’t. 71% of customers say that those videos leave a positive impression on the company and 77% of customers consider companies that produce videos to be more engaged with their consumer base.

The set up and funding for videos are a one time thing, but once videos are on your website and social profiles, they will grow to be valuable assets that will help you gain more customers over time. Video’s impact leaves a lasting impression on consumers and that is only expected to grow.


How Can Videos Help Certain Industries?

When you think of video, you might automatically be drawn to the entertainment and music industry. But for use in online marketing, videos can be applied to almost every field! The survey shows that consumers want to consume more videos. The electronics is the most sought after industry with 57% of consumers who want to see more videos in that area. The rest include restuarants (39%), travel (34%), fitness (33%), automotive (31%) and events (30%).


What Types of Videos Do Consumers Find Interesting?

Most importantly comes what type of videos consumers want to see. Find out what customers are watching the most of: 67% view instructional videos; 64% watch product/service videos and 64% watch funny videos.

Although videos that often ring up the most shares elicit emotional response (viral videos that are funny, touching or scary), informative videos are up there in terms of importance and usefulness.


View the entire infographic here.

Make sure to check our video on video marketing below. Let us know what you think and contact us if you’re ready for videos for your small business!

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