How to Grow Your Facebook Page

There’s no magical solution to growing your Facebook page. Like any other form of online marketing, it requires a strategy which takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience. If anyone promises an easy solution, you should really consider what they’re offering and if it’s a short term answer or something that will last in the long run. Here are some things to remember when growing your Facebook Page:


Covering the Basics

Before trying to promote your Page and gaining more traction, basics must be covered. This means having your Page completely filled out properly. Take time to provide value in the content you post, from status updates, photos, videos and more. Remember to focus your efforts into one main page and don’t try to game Facebook or think that making multiple Pages is somehow helpful.

Another thing, don’t by Likes. Facebook is able to recognize unnatural Likes in many ways: hundreds or thousands gained in the course of a few days, Likes from inactive accounts, and users from countries other than where your business is based. Filled Out, Provide Value in content and be active, don’t create multiple pages, don’t buy fake Likes, schedule and updates, monitor and interact with other pages and fans and measure

Inviting Friends, Family and Acquaintances

Starting out with a brand new Facebook Page and growing Likes is the hardest part. This is why it’s helpful to get those closest to you to Like first. This means asking friends, family, friends of family members, customers, clients, co-workers, employees, and acquaintances. Basically, anyone you know to help get engagement started. The goal of this step is that those close to you will hopefully be more willing to engage with posts on the Page or comments and updates that you direct them to or tag them in.

For small businesses, Facebook Likes don’t just grow out of nowhere. This is a good starting point to get some sort of activity going on before you do more out reach.

Grassroots Methods

If you have the manpower and time, grassroots methods still work on Facebook. Contacting other businesses and acquaintances (or a acquaintances of acquaintances) is a method that is unconventional but requires other resources. This might even involve some one-on-one facetime, think of it as the “street team” approach, where you go out and invite potential customers to try your product/service and Like your Page for more updates. Another method is to reach out to other businesses who are in the field or whose products/services complement your own business. There are other options: handout flyers with coupons, giveaway free swag to promote your brand, etc.

Paid Ads

Promote your Facebook Page with paid ads. Facebook Ads accommodate budgets of almost any size and you can grow your Page while investing just a few dollars every day. Facebook Ads offers highly targeted options and you can carefully test your ads and choose the right demographics. Although social media marketing is often thought of as “free” to use, the paid options will help give you the results that you’re looking for.

Incorporate Facebook Into other Marketing Campaigns

Your Facebook campaign can’t succeed if it’s not tied into your other marketing campaigns. Even big brands like Coca-Cola always tie their social media accounts into TV, radio and print ads. There’s really no place off the internet that you can’t promote your Facebook Page, so take advantage of that. This works especially well when you can stress the value that customers can get when Liking your Page. It can be entertainment, free stuff, coupons and other promotions.

Check us out on Facebook and let us know if you have any questions or need help growing your Page. Remember, there are no secrets but laying out a plan of action is what will really help your Facebook Page grow and thrive.

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