How to Recover 100% from a Website Penalty

Is your website suffering from a manual Google penalty? Have you spent hours and resources trying to fix it to no avail? Look no further and leave it to us at Emarketed. When it comes to removing website penalties, we have a 100% success rate. No matter how toxic, spammy and unnatural the links in your situation are, our team of SEO specialists can help. Here are some reasons why you should hire an experienced company to handle your website penalty for you, instead of dealing with it yourself:

We Have the Resources

Trying to fix a website penalty yourself is a hassle. You have to look into your website’s history and dig around your back link profile. In addition, you’ll have to try to interpret Google’s vague warnings and messages and try to figure out what they want you to do. It doesn’t help that they don’t give you specific notes and can be a disaster if you don’t have a plan of action. At Emarketed, our team members have the knowledge, experience, and patience to face your website penalty head-on.

We Know What the Different Penalties Are

When we say “Google website penalty”, understand that there is more than one. In fact, there are SO many different kinds of penalties that it can make your head spin just thinking about it! There’s the site-wide penalty, partial-match penalty, keyword penalty, page penalty, PageRank penalty, de-indexing, and many more, including combinations of the ones mentioned.

We Are Transparent and Will Keep You Updated Each Step of the Way

There are some services out there that offer to do all the work and send you a summary of what has been completed at the very end. While it’s nice to be out of the loop, you should want to know what’s going on when it’s something as serious as addressing a website penalty. When working with Emarketed, you’ll have a dedicated team member who can answer all your questions and concerns during each step of the process.

We Only Practice White Hat Practices and are Google Compliant

Beating a website penalty means doing things the right way, not combating it with more black or grey hat tactics. We understand Google’s best practices for SEO and want to help you bring your website into compliance with Google’s terms. Contact us today to discuss your website penalty. We look forward to hearing from you and you won’t be charged until your website penalty has been lifted!