Do Google Updates Affect PPC?

Each year, there are hundreds of Google algorithm updates ranging from minor, everyday adjustments to a handful of major roll-outs. SEOs can never seem to get a break from these constant changes. As to whether or not (and how) these organic updates affect paid search, isn’t so clear. But paid search managers still need to be aware of organic SEO fluctuations.


The Mysterious Quality Score

Think of Quality Score as the sought after factor in PPC – the higher, the better. In organic search, there are MANY, not-so-transparent factors that determine search engine rankings. Although there are monetary components related to PPC ads, it can be argued that some tangible factors (such as CTR) correlate to organic search rankings.

Relevancy in Landing Pages, Keywords and Campaigns

Keyword quality and relevancy are now tied to landing pages in a PPC campaign. Before, Google didn’t scrutinize landing pages as much, with the thought that it was something users saw AFTER they clicked on an ad. But nowadays, landing pages are just as important as the ad copy and keywords themselves.

This mirrors organic search in that Google judges the copy of the landing page to what the user is searching for and deeming the content relevant or irrelevant to that query. For those unfamiliar with PPC, it means that it’s not all about bids and your budget. You can spend a lot of money but without following Google’s guidelines and recommendations, your PPC campaigns aren’t going to get your business anywhere.

Google’s End Game: The User Experience

Even though PPC and SEO can be very different, they’re more related than you think because the end goal is the same. Google wants content, whether paid or organic, to be relevant to the user. Having meaningful and useful content isn’t new in the SEO world, but PPC is definitely following this train of thought. Instead of treating PPC like a different monster than SEO, they can work together in some ways. Diversifying your online campaign is important and an AdWords Certified Partner like Emarketed can help. Contact us today.

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