Google+ Tips for N00bs

The Google+ landscape and can be scary and intimidating if you’re not used to it. Of all the social networking sites, Google+ is highly regarded in terms of carrying SEO weight. Here are some tips for getting started:


Link Authorship: One of the top benefits of using your Google+ profile is claiming your website content through Google Authorship. But the fun doesn’t just stop at your own website. Your Authorship can also show up for guest blogs and press releases (like PR Web). This helps establish your credibility in the social world as well as helps boost click through rate on your site where your your Google+ profile and picture show up on the search results.

Link Back to Your Properties and Vice Versa: You might be tempted to just use Google+ to post links back to your website. That’s a big no-no! Make sure to vary the types of posts and links you post. On the website side, make sure to add social share buttons on your website and blog.

Explore and Join Circles and Communities: Google+ is the perfect place to build up your network and discover new people and communities. Research and take a look at the dialogue before you join. You’ll want to make sure the Communities you join are relevant to your industry and that people are actually active and engaging.

Optimize Your Profile: Thoroughly optimizing your profile is the best way to get the most out of Google+. Not only do you want to accurately describe yourself (and business) to your community of peers, but you’ll also want to get all the link juice you can get. This means linking to your website, social profiles, adding correct contact info, and watching for bad grammar/misspellings. Another thing to watch out for is overoptimizing or keyword stuffing your posts and About section. Write for people over search engines!

Be Efficient: As with many other social networks, Google+ can be an efficiency killer if you don’t plan out time that should be spent on the site. Maybe, you’ll want to update and check-in a few times a week. Even if you are active on a daily basis, you might want to set aside a small chunk of time, let’s say at the end of the day, where all the important things are done and you can wind down. Don’t get distracted by distractions and update your settings to control how and what types of Google+ notifications you get.

Mind Your Manners and Post Appropriate Content: Google+ isn’t a place to be rude/crude, cause unnecessary drama and spam your Circles. Leave that to Twitter… (kidding!). In terms of posting, Google+ isn’t as “professional” as LinkedIn or “casual” as Facebook, so you have to find a middle ground. Don’t forget that active Circles and Communities can be close knit, so you won’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

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