Have You Used Google Correlate for Keyword Research?

google correlateGoogle Correlate is a free tool that is great for keyword advertising research. The purpose of this tool is to give you correlations related to certain keywords. In our sample, when “gifts” is typed in, we can see that it is highly correlated with “creative gifts”. The graph below shows the correlation of the two keywords and their peak times. Are you surprised that it occurs around the holiday season of December?

(Note: The closer to 1 you get, the more closely correlated the terms will be. Remember, if the keywords are closely correlated, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the input causes the output – but that they have similar search patterns.)

Google Correlate works by scraping raw search data and presenting you with the results. In some cases, you might get weird and unrelated search results – so you can try it out for yourself and play around with the results by state and time series. You can even log in and save certain keywords so that you can track them and see how it changes overtime.

This is a great tool for bloggers and brands who want more information about consumer behavior. It can also help if you need alternate keywords or inspiration. When used with Google Trends, it can give you better insight when it comes to your online marketing campaigns. The best part is that you can search for brands and see state and seasonal demand for certain products. Type in Nike, Sony, and other big brands to see results.

Take a look at Google’s tutorial for a more in-depth look at how Correlate works and how to use it.

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