Google +1 Button: To Do or Not to Do?

If you’re looking for another fancy social media button to add to your site, it’s time to consider if the Google +1 button is right. More buttons is not necessarily better and it’s helpful to take a look at whether adding a +1 button will actually help your site or hurt it.

Looking for some good reasons to add the +1 button to your site?

Customer interest – Since Google+’s exclusive introduction this summer, people have been scavenging for invites to see what all the fuss is about. Today, the wait is over as Google+ is officially open to all who want in. If your site has a new +1 button, more customers are likely to use it and share with their friends and put their new profile to use.

Extremely social – Google+ has extremely social features including video group chats and more elaborate ways to group all your connections. Some hope that by integrating the +1 button, people are more likely to use it and share with their network. Like Facebook, it also has a tab where you can view all the +1s that a person has liked/endorsed. Social visibility, don’t you love it?

Search engine visibility – All these +1s aren’t for nothing! Social interaction with your site is becoming a more important role in your search engine rankings. Meaning – the more Likes, Tweets, +1s, and social shares your site has, the better it will rank for relevant terms in organic search. Search engines see this as a sign that your site is helpful and relevant to customers (real life people) and will generously take that into consideration.

Tracking and Analytics – The benefit of using Google products is that you can track your progress. When you embed the button onto your site, there’s a code that will give you detailed information about the demographics of the people who are +1-ing (is that a phrase?) your site.

What else do you see the +1 button being used for and how do you think businesses can benefit?

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