What Makes Good Causes Successful on Facebook

Two weeks ago, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes revealed his new project, Jumo. By the end of the year, Hughes hopes to unveil this social network for non-profits. This is in part of an effort to create a forum where people and non-profits can develop a long-term relationship. We’ve talked about how well the Salvation Army takes on social media so let’s take a look at how other good causes are doing on Facebook:

Animal Lovers for The Gentle Barn
I first learned about The Gentle Barn through Facebook. It is a local sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA which houses and rehabilitates abused and abandoned animals. Even though it is a relatively small cause (compared to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross), the Barn has nearly over 25,000 fans from all over the country

Their Page has a prominent donate tab which encourages a direct action to donate. The Wall is used to post frequent updates about the Barn’s inhabitants and upcoming events. How interesting can animals really be? A post about new fluffy chickens got over 160 likes! The Gentle Barn fans really care about animals and like to stay engaged by learning about the animals’ conditions. I got the chance to pet an emu and feed horses on my visit. It is a worthy cause and Facebook fans  definitely help contribute to it.

TOMS Shoes Gives Back
Even though TOMS Shoes is a commercial product, they stand behind a commendable cause. As a consumer, you know that for every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, the company will give another pair to a child in need. This message is clearly displayed on their welcome tab on their Facebook Page. Their Page is well-organized and robust for fan engagement.Over 5000 fans have submitted pictures of their favorite TOMS shoes.

Sharing Your Good Causes
Remember to do research on the non-profits and causes that you donate to. Bono’s ONE foundation recently angered many as it was revealed that it only donated only 1% of funds raised! Like any other Page, good causes are successful on Facebook if they:

1) Have a clear message
2) Provide customers/fans with resources and content
3) Make it easy for fans to participate

What are some of your favorite causes?


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