Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

Is the Gaming World the Last Marketing Frontier?

The world of video games has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and now with new virtual and mobile games it has opened up more opportunities for advertising. Recently, mobile games generated about $46.1 billion in revenue or about 42 percent of the market compared with consoles and PC games. The demographics for games, especially mobile ones, are much broader now than they were back in the 80s and 90s.

Video games can offer advertisers a chance to reach a wide and varied audience that downloads mobile apps on their phone. Mobile apps can earn big money and marketers that place an advertisement in a mobile game can get millions of views for their ad easily. Free mobile games tend to make money by selling advertising space to businesses or including product placements within their games.

Businesses are also creating their own games or mobile apps as a way to advertise themselves through gaming. IKEA recently developed an augmented reality tool that allows users to virtually place a piece of furniture in their home to see what it looks like. The restaurant chain Chipotle also created a game called “the Scarecrow” in which users helped to break up a monopoly.

These kinds of games help businesses connect with customers while promoting the brand’s values and providing something either entertaining or useful. Another marketing technique is including in-game ads within the video game’s world. User’s will see the ad in the game’s story mode or while they are walking around in a role playing game.

Video games can offer potential for advertising to a diverse audience. Companies that want to expand their reach and try new marketing techniques might benefit from exploring the world of creating mobile apps and placing in-game ads.