Why You Should Focus on ROI Over Keyword Rankings

time-for-change It’s great to see your website ranking well. Ranking in organic search or local search is a good indicator that your SEO campaign is succeeding but how does it factor into how well your business is really doing? After all, it IS very possible to rank well but get no real return on investment. Fortunately, this is why it’s becoming more necessary to focus on different factors of ROI instead of solely focusing on rankings.

Rankings Don’t Necessarily Mean Success

Ranking well for certain keywords or phrases is quite an achievement but not something to rely on alone. Search volume also plays a crucial role in a website’s success. In general, it may be more helpful in the long run to target broad and niche keywords through organic and PPC, so that you can capture all avenues of relevant website traffic.

A good indicator that a search campaign is in need of something more is if it is ranking but will no translation into business in the real world. This may take place in the forms of: emails, contact forms, phone calls, downloads, and more. This new reality may especially difficult to face if in previous years, your website has succeeded on rankings alone.

Rankings Fluctuate Widely

Another good reason not to just focus on rankings is that search results vary so much. Using a tablet to shop? Searching on a cell phone while on-the-go? Signed in to a Google account while searching? These are all different scenarios which will yield different search results than when using a regular desktop computer. Depending on your location, Google may or may not show the Local pack and often bring it back and forth, as they please. These are all factors beyond your control but it’s still important to know that they will affect how your website rankings.

Because there is no one “standard” way to track keyword rankings, it doesn’t help to obsess over the details. Rather, keep track of rankings (preferably through an automated report or tool) and see how much things change from week to week or month to month. If there is a significant drop or gain, that will signal a good time to take a closer look.

Concentrate on Conversions

Conversion and user experience are the keys to online marketing success nowadays. Website optimization never mattered in terms of UX as much as it does in today’s online world. While rankings will certainly bring the right customers to a website, it’s the usability that will keep them there long enough to make a conversion. The competitive nature of online search certainly doesn’t help. It’s definitely a buyer’s market and there are many different options. This means that every decision involving your website revolves around HOW the customer will benefit and WHY they should choose your business over a competitor.

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