What the Fark?


StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg… I could go on and on when it comes to social aggregation and bookmarking sites. Although these sites are all a little bit different from each other, Fark stands out on an off-beat class of its own.

When you arrive on the site, you’ll see that Fark focuses on what it calls “Not News“. This means all outrageous topics, from politics to humor. A standout factor is that Fark stories are exclusively chosen by the site’s editors – unlike other sites where users are allowed to submit and vote on/rate content. Have you used Fark and what do you think it can do for small business owners?

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill place to submit your SEO content. Go ahead, browse for yourself and see what types of articles are featured on Fark. How about “The newest extreme sport: Daredevil lawn mower racing. ‘Ready, Set, Mow‘” by Mother Nature Network? Sure, there are a lot of funny pictures and bizarre lists on Fark, but many sites are turning to eye-catching headlines to bring new life to otherwise mundane articles. If you have some fresh content with a side of wit, it won’t hurt to submit your story to Fark. Did I mention how much Fark loves pun-y headlines?

Sometimes, words are just words but with Fark, you’ll see the viral effect of an interesting story that you just can’t reach by only using “traditional” types of online marketing.

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