Is Facebook Still Worthwhile for Businesses?

Facebook use amongst teens is on a sharp decline. Marketers have also been slowly backing away from the social media site. Even the number of interactions on Facebook have declined 3%. The reality is that Facebook’s growth seems to have hit a wall but there are other factors you need to focus on if you’re sticking with this social media site.


A Shift in Visibility

Facebook is the fastest, easiest and most times, the cheapest way for your business to reach a targeted, broad audience. But¬†visibility for businesses on Facebook is fading fast and becoming a pay to play game. This means paid ads, of course! You might have to consider investing in Facebook ads to make your time spent on Facebook more productive as “organic” posts are becoming pushed down and less visible in Feeds.

What Still Matters on Facebook

Although your posts may be less visible organically, it’s still important to maintain an active Facebook Page. This will be easier to engage and track ROI when you do decide to use Facebook Ads. Also, Reviews, Likes, comments, Check-Ins, and other interactions are still helpful for your business, as well as other potential customers.

Why Facebook Still Matters

Time spent online on social media sites is only increasing. As long as Facebook is a part of that, it’s helpful if your business is on there. Social signals, local citations, customer¬†interaction, brand awareness and reputation¬†management are all reasons why your business should still be active on Facebook. Facebook might have been more important for your online marketing in the past, but it’s just different now looking at it from a new point of view. The main point is to understand that it’s not as important as it once was and how your business can adjust to that.

Looking on the Bright Side

Many marketers predicted that it would come to this – paid ads. But there is a positive spin to this. Facebook Ads have a low barrier to entry and you can run a campaign for as little as a few dollars each day. Ads are extremely targeted and you can get the most bang for your buck, in terms of targeting users based on very detailed and niche demographics.

Is Facebook in Your Future?

Facebook marketing might not be the secret weapon to your online campaigns, but your social media strategy isn’t complete without it. What do you think of Facebook’s decline and can you still see it in the picture for your business in the long run? Let us know what you think!

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