Facebook Verifies (Some) Pages & Profiles

What is it?
After many recent interface updates, Twitter has been accused of stealing profile ideas from Facebook. Now, the tables have turned as Facebook has announced Verified Pages and Profiles with a large followings of Fans. Some examples of people with verified accounts would be: celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses. Read more here.

Establishing authenticity
This process seems to be subjective and left completely up to Facebook, as users can’t actually request for their Page or Profile to be officially Verified. How convenient! You can however, report falsely Verified accounts. Just like with verified Twitter accounts, you can distinguish Facebook’s Verified accounts by a small blue check mark. This check mark will appear on Pages/Profiles and also in Graph Search results next to the name of the Page/Profile.

Good for business?
As a business or notable figure in an industry, Verified accounts will help brands stand out from other Fans, haters or spammers trying to cash in on using their business name. For example, many celebrity fan Pages will often have similar pictures and layouts to the authentic Page in order to gain more clicks and views. The theory is that Verified accounts will help push more Fans and customers to the real Page instead of an unofficial Page.

What’s in store for the future
For now, Verified accounts seem to offer the most benefits to big brands and celebrities. After all, they’re the ones spending the most on Facebook and making the most off Fans. Stay tuned by Liking the Emarketed Facebook Page and joining in on the conversation.

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