Facebook Updates: Story Bumping & Last Actor

Do you ever feel like there’s too much to keep up with on Facebook and that you’re missing out on people and stories that you actually want to hear from? Facebook is working to fine tune the stories you see in your News Feed, as the average person “has about 1500 stories they could see”. (Read more about that here). This month, Facebook has released some rather interesting News Feed updates: facebook-bumps

Story Bumping
This new update doesn’t just show you posts that have been made since you last looked at your Feed, but also includes recent stories that you haven’t seen yet. Yes, Facebook is becoming more aware and showing you “older” (and relevant) stories because it knows that you haven’t seen them yet!

From initial tests of this Feed update, Facebook has showed an increase in user engagement. For businesses, the best part is that the visibility of stories increase from 57% to 70%. People will be able to see more of your posts! Story bumping has also started to roll out on Facebook Mobile.

Last Actor
If you’ve had a feeling that Facebook has been monitoring your interactions and showing you what you want to see, you’re right! Bravo, Facebook. The Last Actor portion of the update looks at the top 50 people you’ve recently interacted with. Interactions count as comments, Likes and even just viewing their profile and pictures! Your News Feed will now show more updates from the people that you “interact” with most.

Why It Matters for Businesses
Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is getting more complicated and some people think that it’s getting pretty ridiculous. Did you know they use MORE than 1,000 different factors to determine what stories show up in your News Feed? In terms of algorithm factor complexity, this is getting on Google’s level!

Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox says that these changes should be relatively small. So don’t expect any drastic changes just yet. Facebook’s goal is to become more transparent about similar types of updates in the future. Make sure to bookmark it here.

The most important takeaway from these changes is what it means for Facebook Pages. Luckily the strategy for effective engagement remains the same. This means focusing on creating engaging content and thinking about what your Fans want to see in their Feed. Timing, relevancy and credibility all still remain an important part of Facebook Page updates. If it all pans out in the end, you should be rewarded in Likes and engagement.

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