Facebook Ad Improvements for Businesses

As Facebook Page posts dwindle in organic visibility, it’s about time Facebook steps up their Ad-game. This summer, many new ad features have rolled out and will hopefully help small business owners.


Easier to Manage on the Go

If you’re like me, you know how difficult it was to manage Ads before, when the Manager wasn’t optimized for mobile so that you would have to squeeze, squint and zoom, hoping that you’re clicking on the right option. It’s about time that Facebook as made their Ads Manager mobile friendly. With Facebook’s mobile Ad Manager, you can easily: pause/resume ad campaigns, edit budgets and respond to ad alerts. This feature has rolled out in the middle of July but is expected to roll out to all advertisers by the end of summer 2014.

Attention Retailers (and Buyers)!

Word on the street is that Facebook is testing a Buy feature right in your News Feed and Page(s). Buying on Facebook can be a convenient and seamless experience. But as everyone wants to know, Facebook is keeping privacy and security issues in mind.

Stock Performance and How It Affects Advertisers

As much as Facebook is for the people, they also have to be making a profit. And they certainly have as Facebook share prices have risen to a new high as Facebook mobile Ads have launched. Facebook is motivated to keep advertisers happy, which in turn will help their profits grow.

Customize Your Ads for Custom Audiences

Facebook Ads have expanded their reach by allowing advertisers to reach millions of people, some for the very first time – on any device anywhere in the world. How is this possible? Facebook now has options to target different users on low-bandwidth connections and is giving brands more opportunities with storytelling options. Here are different ways you can target and customize your audience: life-stage targeting (people who have graduated college or are about to retire) and geo-targeting (more options in high-growth countries).

Interested in Facebook Ads for Your Business?

Facebook Ads can be used to effectively promote your Page and website. Have questions about Facebook Ads? Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emarketed and contact us for more information – (323) 340-4010.

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