Using Breadcrumbs for Effective Site Navigation

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If you’re looking to improve your web design and site navigation, breadcrumbs are a good place to start.

Breadcrumbs refer to navigation links that help visitors see where they are on your site. Do the home > resources> articles etc. links look familiar?

Like in the classic fairy tale, these links are named after the breadcrumbs Hansel and Gretel left as they made their way into the woods so that they could find their way back. Depending how much content you have and how deep it’s buried within your site, it’s easy to see how visitors can get lost.

Some argue about the value of breadcrumbs and say that they are not used by average users. Breadcrumbs take only a second to implement on each page and I think the effort is worth it. You can also use Google Analytics to see where visitors are clicking on EVERY page of your site. I find that the majority of clicks will go Home, Contact, and social media icons but it may differ for your site.

More Reasons to Love Your Breadcrumbs

Your customers will appreciate it when they can get to the place they want while using the least amount of clicks possible. Breadcrumbs can also help reduce the bounce rate on your site. For example, let’s say a new user has come across an article on your site and finds it interesting. As shown in the image above, they may continue looking for more information by clicking the Resources and Articles categories. While the neat-freak in me loves the organization and visual look of breadcrumbs, I like them even more because they’re so useful to customers. And anything that will encourage more people to stay on your site longer is always a good thing!

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