Elements of Effective Meta Descriptions

meta descriptionLet’s face it, meta descriptions aren’t always a priority when it comes to SEO.
The main reason optimization of meta tags and descriptions are neglected is because it doesn’t  directly influence your search engine rankings – when it comes to Google’s search algorithm, anyways.

Optimizing your meta descriptions IS still important because it affects your clickthrough rate, not to mention it’s significance in appealing to potential customers. There’s no way you can avoid the fact that meta descriptions matter. Why else would there be a Diagnostics section of Webmaster Tools, where you can edit duplicate descriptions and tags? Google is doing you a favor by telling you, hey – you might want to take a look at these and fix it!

Here are a few things you should try to aim for when writing unique meta descriptions for the pages on your website:

Finally, check out Google’s section and SEO Moz’s article on how to improve your meta descriptions and more.

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