E-Commerce Stores to Benefit from Google’s Buy Button?

buy-google-button In the wake of competitive retailers such as Amazon and eBay dominating the e-commerce landscape, Google has announced that they will be adding a “Buy” buttons option on some mobile paid ads. The Buy button feature will only be for some paid ads, NOT organic listings. Macy’s will reportedly be amongst Google’s first batch of retail partners. Finally!


On the consumer side, giving customers the option to buy from search results will create a more seamless user experience. Depending on the product, they may even be able to choose the amount, size, and color. This will no doubt make search result space more competitive, giving consumers more choice and variety.

From a marketer’s point of view, if you’ve been struggling with PPC landing pages and optimization, this option will allow you to bypass that part of the paid ad process. Most of all, this will help Google increase their share in the world of e-commerce.

Potential Downsides

By implementing this streamlined version of the checkout process on SERPs, the long term outcome is still unknown for retailers. We still don’t know if this will become the new future of online shopping or if it’s just another Google feature that will die out. For businesses, the most real downside is that potential customers won’t be able to (or care to) interact on your website with your brand. This is what marketing and engaging in consumer relationships is all about. If this part is taken away, it could be detrimental to businesses in the long run… especially in terms of branding.

For now, all we can do is stay tuned for the Buy buttons to appear. Let us know what you think and contact us today if you need help with your pay per click marketing campaigns.

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